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The first round of sessions for the new album that was to follow Neil Leyton's acclaimed "The Betrayal of the Self" album took place, once again, in Stockholm with Leyton's Swedish backing unit, The Ghosts in April 2007. The sessions picked up where TBOTS left off: About seven songs were tracked with the working title of the album being "The Insanity of Normality". Those familiar with the works of Arno Gruen will recognize the sequel: "the insanity of normality" was the book published by Arno Gruen following his groundbreaking "The Betrayal of the Self" psychological analysis of the human condition. The preliminary cover photo, courtesy of Scopophilia - who followed Leyton and the Ghosts on tour in Germany -  features Leyton and bassist Jan-Eric Olsson in a live action shot from Germany during the Stay Feeling tour that showcased and promoted the TBOTS album; the original sessions attempted to take things further by branching out, and even included an unsuccessful attempt at a Passion'd Flower cover song, along with other studio experiments aiming to find direction for the then work-in-progress fourth album...

The unfinished recordings from that session and the general feeling of incompleteness that plagued Leyton in London in the winter of '07 led to the parallel idea of a "duets album" that remained untitled for a long time, but loosely associated to the Stockholm sessions and arising out of the duet with Maria Petterson, "Some Help Tonight", which Leyton had recorded and produced at Acetone Studios. The next few home-recorded or road-recorded duets "just happened"... eventually, Johnny Thunders, Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra, and Serge Gainsbourg all served as reference points for what was to become the "So Not Alone" collection of songs:

Then, during the "Reckoning" acoustic solo tour, Neil Leyton and Ana Isa were paid a visit in Germany by The Ghosts' Tommie Riot and the White Russians' Chris McDougall when Leyton & co. - henceforth dubbed The Leyton Rifles - put up camp at Soundpool Studios near Munster, Germany, to finish tracking the last 5 songs for the Elite Nylon Album. They had previously toured in Slovenia in the trio format, and Chris McDougall had come up with "The Leyton Rifles" being the answer to The Jam's "Eton Rifles". The name stuck, even if the mixing of the songs was never quite tackled.

Leyton Rifles cdr

The Insanity of Normality. So Not Alone. The Leyton Rifles. None of which were ever finished.

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